Can Manchester United Win the Title?

Posted on January 28th, 2019

After Jose Mourinho left Manchester United, which came as no surprise at all, the team has been reinvigorated. Under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United has won 7 games in a row in all competitions, showing the kind of football that’s to be expected from a team like that. Led by Paul Pogba’s brilliant return to form, the Red Devils have been scoring with ease, so it’s clear how much a managerial change can affect a team.

With 6 PL wins in a row, United are on fire at the moment. The defense is solid, the midfield is excellent, and even the attack started working once again. It was clear that the problem was lying in Mourinho, a defensive-minded manager whose vision didn’t suit a team like Manchester United. As soon as Solskjaer arrived at the club, positive winds blew at Old Trafford, carrying the team to a newfound self-confidence.

As a result of Solskjaer retooling of the formation and style of play, Manchester United has been nearly perfect. The team even managed to beat a pesky Tottenham side mostly due to the brilliant David De Gea, so it’s clear that all the parts of the machine are now well-oiled. With 6 wins in a row in under a month, Manchester United went up to the 6th spot, currently on level terms with Arsenal. With all the great recent performances, talk about reclaiming the long-lost throne is now ripe among Man. United fans. For more info on United’s title odds, hop over to this website.

Can United Beat the Competition?

Currently sitting well behind league leaders Liverpool and second-placed Manchester City, United’s chances of winning the title are not exactly ideal. However, if the team plays as great as the last month during the brutal February and March schedule, it does stand a chance.

What sets United apart from the rest is their deep bench. The team is nicely covered almost on every position, with world-class players in the first eleven. And, that’s without taking into account all the injuries including Alexis Sanchez’s lengthy spell on the sidelines. Although his time at Manchester United can be described as horrible by far, new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can restore his confidence and make Sanchez the feared attacker he once was.

Many players have found a new role under the Norwegian manager, with Romelu Lukaku being the best example. Initially demoted to the bench, Lukaku has been used as a super sub in the last few matches, impacting the team coming directly off the bench. Solskjaer was a super-sub himself, so it’s no wonder where Lukaku gets the tips from. With Marcus Rashford immovable up front, this is to be Lukaku’s new role until he earns a place in the first team.

If the team continues its great form and Solskjaer continues to reimagine the roles of his players, Manchester United will be a tough team to beat. Chances of winning the title are at best slim at the moment, but as the season progresses, so will they change. 

It remains to be seen if the Red Devils can walk out of their hellish February-March schedule unscathed, which would definitely lift their confidence sky-high.

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