Europe’s Top 10 Football Clubs With The Most Trophies

Posted on March 2nd, 2017

Passionate football fans often get into arguments as to which club is the greatest, the richest, and the most powerful one. But, above all, they are interested in finding out which one has been decorated with the most titles. This countdown serves the purpose, as you go through the top ten football clubs in Europe whose shelves are packed with cups and recognitions.

#10 – Atletico Madrid (28 trophies)

This team has greatly improved during the last few years. Domestic victories, as well as those at the Cup Winners’ Cup, Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup still leave room for them to ponder over the Champions League. Maybe next season will be their lucky one.

#9 – Inter (39 trophies)

The famous treble victory is one of Inter’s greatest achievements, not to mention that no other Italian football club has still managed to do the same.

Generally, this club has won one Club World Cup, two Intercontinental, three UEFA, five Italian Super Cups and seven Italian ones, as well as 18 Serie A titles and three titles of the Champions League. Impressive, right?!

#8 – Arsenal (43 trophies)

This team can be said to hold the vast variety of the most important European titles, some more numerous than other. However, what’s impressive about them is the record the Gunners hold with the number of FA Cups won – a total of 12.

#7 – AC Milan (47 trophies)

A not so known fact about this team is its second position regarding victories from the Champions League, with Real Madrid in primary position. Aside from being crowned European champions 7 times, Milan has numerous titles from their domestic tournaments, as well as several titles from international ones.

#6 – Liverpool (59 trophies)

Liverpool is a well-known name in domestic affairs. As for European frames, it’s safe to proclaim the team as the most successful English club, due to its five European Cups.  Their greatest failures came on an even greater Intercontinental level, justifying their efforts and their loss.

#5 – Juventus (60 trophies)

Just a trophy away from Liverpool, this team manages to keep up with the big players. As the most successful Italian club, it’s no wonder they’ve tried drinking from all major Cups in the world.

#4 – Manchester United (64 trophies)

As the only English club to win something beyond Europe’s limits, Manchester prides itself on its foreign and slightly more local achievements. The Red Devils are also known for achieving a valuable treble.

#3 – Bayern Munich (66 trophies)

When speaking about Munich, there is no European title which doesn’t receive a proper mention in their resume. As for local championships in Germany, this team is known to handle them with great ease.

#2 – Real Madrid (81 trophy)

Remarkable for their constant persistence, Madrid bears the most Champions League titles – eleven, to be precise, placing this club among the Europe’s finest. Their home record is 32 titles, even despite all obstacles.

#1 – Barcelona (86 trophies)

If you still haven’t decided how to use a good bonus code for Bet365, Barcelona is a sure way to make your account shine. Their double treble achievements set the team to lead this countdown. Its achievements in Spain, England, Europe and worldwide most certainly promote their image.

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