Football Transfer Rumours: Abdoulaye Doucouré to Manchester United?

Posted on March 14th, 2018

Football transfer rumours have been heating up about United’s interest in the Watford midfielder, but they’re not the only Premier League side with an eye on his talents.

According to football transfer rumours, it seems that Mourinho is the latest manager to throw his into the ring over a possible speculation about bidding for Doucoure, in the wake of murmurings about interest from Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal. The 25-year old Frenchman has certainly been turning heads for all the right reasons around football transfer rumours during his recent performances for the Hornets, but the man himself seems to not be trying to let the hype get to his head, insisting that he’ll finish the season with his team’s standing front and centre on his list of priorities according to football transfer rumours.

Football Transfer Rumours: New Blood

Amidst the football transfer rumours, the prodigal midfielder is currently valued at £40 million, which still seems like good value, given that he’s made such a forceful impact at his club in a relatively short time. He joined Watford from Rennes in 2016 and has since become one of the main architects of the team’s recent successes. He’s distinguished himself as one of the most promising young talents, with both a high degree of athleticism and enviable technical ability that, if football transfer rumours are to be believed, could be put to use in a variety possible of lineups. If football transfer rumours are true, it would certainly be interesting to see what Doucoure could achieve in a top-flight side that could provide him with more oxygen to bring his already considerable sporting intelligence to term. As far as transfers go, most fans would give the best odds football on him moving to Manchester United, as he’ll certainly be given a much bigger chance at improving his career a linchpin for the side’s depleted midfield, rather than being relegated to the sidelines like he might find at Liverpool or Arsenal.

Football Transfer Rumours: Out with the Old

The football transfer rumours Man Utd are courting don’t seem to be without reason, as the Devils are set to lose two of their central midfield linchpins as Marouane Fellaini and Michael Carrick both look set for a departure next season. Football transfer rumours are that Fellaini is heading for the door due to a failure to reach satisfactory agreement for a renewal of his contract at Old Trafford, whilst Carrick is leaving the pitch to pursue a role amongst the coaching staff under Mourinho. If the football transfer rumours are true, this deprives Mourinho of two of his most reliable workhorses in the centre, so it would be no surprise if he didn’t want to waste any time lining up some replacements according to football transfer rumours who could re-frame that part of his field in a fresh light.

Football Transfer Rumours: A Work in Progress

Doucoure has earned praise within football transfer rumours in a number of different capacities, most noticeably in his gift for turning the tide of a match with his tenacious ball-winning skills and ability to change the direction of an attack in the most strained of circumstances. As football transfer rumours suggest, he’s got a formidable range of passing shots up his sleeve, and seems to reach his full potential when he’s played in a formation that gives him some room to get creative. If the latest football transfer rumours are to be believed, then he’s ready to pass muster amongst the best sides the “big six” teams are currently fielding. Football transfer rumours are correct to say that he’s done enough to show some of the Premier League’s most influential managers that Doucoure may well have a lot more to show the world, given the presence of the right minds to mold his development.

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