Odds for each Current European League Champion to Retain Their Titles

Posted on September 26th, 2016

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Current Champions Always Aim to Defend the Title

The goal of every team that competes in one of the top European national leagues, or in any league for that matter, is to win the league. Some teams are favourites to win the league, other are considered to be underdogs. Current champions always feel under pressure to repeat the success and win the league for a second year in a row. The pressure is even higher if the same team has won more than two consecutive titles.

English Premier League – Leicester City

In every one of the major European leagues, the team that won the 2015/16 title was considered to be one of the favourites. In some cases it wasn’t the club which had the lowest at the beginning of the season, but one of the favourites nevertheless. However, that wasn’t the case with the current English Champions – Leicester City.


Never in their wildest dreams did the Foxes’ fans think that they could win the league. At best they were hoping to avoid relegation. Manager Claudio Ranieri, at the begging of the previous season, stated that remaining in the Premier League is his main objective for the 2015/16 season. Some even predicted that he won’t be able to achieve that. Bookies didn’t give Leicester much of a chance either.

Namely, the bookies gave ridiculously high odds for Leicester to win the league – 5,000/1. The list of things that were more likely to happen than Leicester winning the league was quite bizarre.

  • Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron to become manager of Aston Villa, the club he allegedly supports – odds 2,500/1;
  • Former United boss Ferguson to win popular dance show Strictly Come Dancing – 1,000/1;
  • Arsenal to sack Wenger and appoint Piers Morgan as a new manager – 2,500/1;
  • Andy Murray to name his first born son after his biggest rival Novak – 500/1;
  • Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell to be the next British PM – 500/1

And yet, none of the above mentioned things was even close to happen and Leicester did manage to win the league. However, their start this year wasn’t pretty smooth as current champions won only two of the first five games. That’s the best odds that you can get on Leicester to win the league again this season are 125/1, which is a lot less than 5,000/1, but still pretty high.

Spanish La Liga – Barcelona

In Spain the situation was quite different. The 2015/16 champions Barcelona have also won the league in the previous 2014/15. Nobody was surprised when the Catalonian team claimed the title as nobody would be surprised if they manage to do it again this year, for a third time in a row.


However, one should never underestimate Real Madrid. The ‘Royal’ club has a pretty strong squad and they are sure going to challenge their biggest rivals. The odds for Barcelona to win the title again this year are set at 5/6, whereas the odds for Real are 13/10. Atletico Madrid is behind with odds at 12/1.

Italian Seria A – Juventus

The situation in Italy is even clearer. Juventus won the title for the fifth year in a row. There was hardly any team in Seria A that could mount a serious title challenge. The ‘Old Lady’ managed to lift the trophy despite the poor start.

The odds for Juve to lift the trophy for a sixth time in a row are mere 1/3. The second contender is Napoli, far behind, with odds at 6/1, whereas the odds for Inter are as high as 14/1, same as for Roma.

German Bundesliga – Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is the most popular and the most successful club in the history of German football. They have won 26 titles in the top tier, as well as 18 cups. You may not know this, but Bayern is not just a football club. They also have active departments in a range of different sports: Basketball, Handball, Chess, Bowling and Ping-Pong.

Bayern is also the third biggest club in the world in terms of revenues. The club has over 4,000 official fan clubs with more than 310,000 members. Therefore, nobody it is hardly surprising that Bayern are expected to defend the title again this year, for a 5th time in a row. Last year, there were predictions that they will win another title as early as October.

This year is no different and the odds for Bayern to win another title are set at 2/17, which is almost ridiculously low. Behind Bayern are their fierce rivals – Borussia, with odds at 8/1. Leverkusen are far behind and the odds for this club to win the Bundesliga are 80/1.

French Ligue 1 – Paris Saint-Germain

If PSG manage to win the title this year, it will be their 5th title in a row. As you can one club has been dominating in the past few seasons in all major European leagues, apart from the English Premier League. PSG has the strongest squad, it is currently the richest club in France and nobody would be surprised if the Parisians win the league again this year.

The best odds for Paris to win the French Ligue 1 are a mere 1/6, but some bookies offer odds as low as 1/10. Monaco is far behind, the odds for the team from the small city-state are 12/1. Then we have Lyon with 16/1 odds.

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