Online Soccer Betting Today: Exciting Tips For Beginners

Posted on December 11th, 2020

Soccer is arguably the most popular sport globally, with millions of viewers watching games in different amateur and professional games every week. Thanks to the number of fans, broadcasting companies battle it out for exclusive airing rights, with the winners making millions through paid subscriptions. Online betting companies are also making a killing thanks to the sheer number of punters routinely placing wagers on major sports leagues like the EPL or the Bundesliga.

Here are some exciting online soccer betting facts you’ll want to know today as you continue wagering on your favorite leagues.

Soccer Betting Can Be Easy

Have you ever struggled with how to bet online? Placing a wager with online soccer betting is relatively easy and can be quite interesting, especially when you’re a soccer fan. Bets range from the more basic “who will win”, or “who will score first” all the way to betting on the exact number of corners in the first half. Whichever way you decide to go, placing the bet cannot be more straightforward.

Soccer Betting Isn’t Only About Luck

As most seasoned punters will reckon, you can make a significant amount of money from online betting. However, unlike in slots and other casino games, you need more than simple luck to remain successful in any soccer betting market. 

While luck might help you win a few bets, you need to have a sound analysis of the games you’re wagering on while looking at certain crucial facts. Nonetheless, looking at the head-to-head comparison of teams and checking other stats doesn’t guarantee a win, although it significantly improves your chances of success.

Most gamblers are also regularly tempted to bet on higher odds because of the better returns promised, although that mostly indicates that an outcome isn’t highly possible. While it’s not a bad thing to take risks, bookmakers often exaggerate the underdog’s odds to lure players. For that reason, you’ll need to analyze upcoming matches depending on factors like previous matches, injuries, home advantage, and the teams’ motivating factors.

Punters Need To Understand The Concept Of Value

Whether you’re wagering on the Bundesliga, the Serie A, or the EPL, you need to understand the concept of value betting to succeed in the long run. Remember, there are no sure bets in soccer, so it’s only logical to wager on the outcome that promises the most significant benefits depending on your research.

In soccer betting, value shows the likelihood of a particular outcome being greater than the bookie’s odds. For instance, if the chance of either team winning 50% and the bookmaker offers 2.10 odds on either team’s, then there’s a positive value, and the event is worth betting. That’s why checking an outcome’s true odds is essential to compare it with what the bookie is offering.

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