Ranking the 5 Greatest Comebacks Made By Footballers

Posted on December 13th, 2020

The hallmark of great and inspirational footballers is their ability to overcome the most challenging times in their careers. This post covers the five greatest comebacks made by footballers who encountered career threatening moments but rose again. 

5. Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey arrived at Arsenal in 2008 with a lot of promise. However, two years later, as he continued his development, Aaron got a career threatening injury. He broke his tibia and fibula in a horrific challenge from Ryan Shawcross. He had to nurse his injury for eight months before he could go back to the pitch. Many thought his return would follow the path of others like Eduardo. But, he found his form again and was a key player in Arsenal’s 2013/14 season. He is still playing at the top level with Serie A giants Juventus. 

4. Henrik Larsson

Larsson is regarded as the greatest player to have played in the Scottish League. He gave approaches by other European ‘elite’ clubs a cold shoulder to remain at Celtic. But, in 1999, he got a career threatening injury. He broke his leg in two places as he challenged for the ball with Sergei Blanc while playing against Lyon in the UEFA Cup. But, Larsson was back on the pitch in eight months in an astonishing comeback. The following season he showed the world that he still had it when he scored 53 goals and won the European Golden Shoe. If you’ve been placing wagers on football on betting sites like bet365, then you know that Henrik was one of the few footballers who picked themselves up from the ashes and made an impact again.

3. Eric Abidal

Eric Abidal was once a household name as one of the top-rated defenders to come out of France. His most challenging career moment came when he was diagnosed with cancer in the liver and had to go through a liver transplant. His love for football could not allow him to stay on the sidelines. 

Despite having issues with his liver, he continued playing after the first surgery in 2011. He was given the armband so as to lift the Champions League trophy later that season. But that was not to be as a few months later; he has to undergo a liver transplant. 

After the surgery, he continued getting healthy, and by December 2012, his doctors allowed him to go back to training. He showed his resolve to keep playing when he moved to Monaco after Barcelona refused to give him a new contract. 

2. Eduardo Da Silva

Eduardo arrived in North London to join The Gunners in 2007. The then Arsenal long-serving manager Arsene Wenger had brought him in to fill the shoes of Thierry Henry. Eduardo did not shy away from his mission impossible and had started endearing himself to Arsenal fans. 

However, a tackle from Birmingham’s Martin Taylor halted his impressive performances. The resulting injury was so dreadful that the match broadcasters could not show the Croatian rising star growling in pain. It was later reported that the injury was so bad that bones from his shin had protruded through his socks. Even though Eduardo did not realize his full potential, he made a comeback a year later.   

1. Jonas Gutierez 

Jonas was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2013. The Newcastle management proved to be heartless as they told the Argentine to find a new club. He has spent the latter part of the 2013/14 season on loan at Norwich. Jonas had managed to keep the matter from the limelight. The world knew of his fight with cancer when he revealed in an interview with the Argentine media that he was diagnosed with cancer and had a testicle removed. 

He revealed how the chemotherapy sessions left him fighting for his life. However, he showed his fighting spirit as he recovered fully and returned to play for Newcastle by March 2014. His return was legendary as his stunning performance on the last day of the season helped Newcastle survive a second relegation. He provided an assist and scored a heroic goal to help Newcastle finish the season in style. 

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