Who Topped The List Of Most Popular Football Players 2020?

Posted on December 13th, 2020

The issue of the most popular football players is usually contentious due to subjective views. There are specific factors that can be used to create a list. On the other hand, some fans love skillful players while others relish certain lifestyles and demeanors. However, regardless of the list of variables you use, some players always emerge on top of others. Here are the most famous footballers for 2020. 

Sergio Ramos

Ramos is the captain of one of the most successful football teams in the world, Real Madrid. He is a super talented center back and has been part of successful teams for both club and country. Based on skills and fan base, the Spanish football star would come in at number 10. He has a social media following of 60.5 million across all the platforms. As he continues to captain Real Madrid, his fame is tipped to continue growing. 

Sadio Mane

At number nine is the Best Footballer in Africa. He beat Mo Salah and Riyad Mahrez to become Africa’s best player. At Liverpool, Mane is a critical player in the starting lineup. He has created a telepathic relationship with fellow African Mo Salah. What makes him famous is his down to earth attitude and skills on the pitch. This player might be famous among punters on betting sites with signupoffers.codes Who offers the opprotunity to bet on the games.

Mohamed Salah

Mo Salah has also risen to become a household name across the continent and the world. He collaborated with Sadio Mane and other squad members to bring the first EPL title to Anfield for the first time in a long time in the 2019/20 season. He is the second-best African footballer of the year. He is still young and has more time to rank higher in the future.

Marcelo Vieira

Marcelo exemplifies football machismo. His skillset and humble personality earn the seventh spot in the popularity ranking. Shockingly, he almost quit football at some point in his career. He has been one of the industry’s best fullbacks and has won four Champions League and La Liga titles. There is no denying his popularity; he has more than 63 million followers on social media. 

James Rodriguez

James maintains a low profile, but his social media following says otherwise. He has over 76 million followers across all social media platforms. As mentioned earlier, fans love players for different reasons. His career seemed to have hit rock bottom as he struggled with injuries. However, his move to the EPL to join Italian tactician Carlo Ancelotti seemed to have revived his career. His performances this season could have contributed to his rising popularity. 

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard has had a season of mixed fortunes in 2020. He was a fans’ favorite while at Chelsea, and his move to Real Madrid was supposed to take his career to the next level. He was brought in to fill the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo. Even though his performances have dwindled, he still has the time to revive his career. He has attracted a substantial following on social media. 

Kylian Mbappe

After his remarkable performances at the World Cup, Mbappe is tipped to be the world’s next biggest player after Messi and Ronaldo. As the older generation approaches the exit door, Mbappe seems to be the undisputed heir apparent of the best footballer title. His prospects have made him very popular among the fans. 

Neymar da Silva Santos

Neymar is an exciting footballer who attracts a lot of attention for good and bad reasons. His big-money move from Barcelona to the French Capital put pressure on the young footballer, but he seems to be handling it just fine. Even though he has not realized his full potential, he remains a popular figure with over 234 million followers on social media.

Lionel Messi

The name Messi is synonymous with humility. His unmatched skillset and personality have seen him establish one of the biggest fan bases in the world of football. His name is popular to the extent that even individuals who don’t watch football know him. He has almost 250 million followers on social media, which is huge for a man that keeps a low profile. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is the undisputed most famous footballer in 2020. His achievements on the pitch, popular lifestyle, and philanthropy acts have endeared him to the fans. Age is just but a number because he is still competing at the highest level. He is arguably among the most followed individuals on social media with more than 329 million followers!

Bottom Line

Creating such lists is usually very contentious. However, the criteria used in this post looked at the players’ skills set, looks, character, salaries, lifestyle, and charisma. At the moment, Cristiano is setting the pace.

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