Will Newcastle stay up? Supercomputer says ‘No’

Posted on March 7th, 2019

The international break has prompted talkSPORT to fire up their so-called ‘supercomputer’ in a bid to see what the table will look like at the end of the season. To many, it will come across as more of a gimmick and really just a way of whiling away the time until the international break is over. Those in the bottom three of the super computer’s predictions will be even more likely to dismiss it as anything but science.

For Newcastle fans, it won’t come as much of a shock that they have ended up in the predicted relegation places alongside Cardiff and Huddersfield. All three of these teams have gone winless in their opening eight games and have only managed to amass seven points between them out of a combined 24 fixtures.

It’s been a miserable start for the three and, in particular, Newcastle, who look set to endure another season where losses are a lot more frequent than wins. Rafa Benitez’s men looked like they may be able to get their season off the ground at Old Trafford after they surged to a two-goal lead inside 10 minutes but ended up losing 3-2 after a dramatic comeback from Mourinho’s men

Not being able to put a Manchester United side in turmoil to the sword says everything about Newcastle at the moment but, in defence of the Magpies, Old Trafford is an extremely volatile place at the moment where the unpredictable happening has become a common occurrence. 

Toon fans will be sick to their back teeth that the club has managed to find themselves in this position again and to describe the atmosphere at St James’ Park as toxic at the moment would be putting it mildly. It’s still early in the campaign so things can change for the Toon but the situation plaguing the club suggests hard times won’t be in short supply this season. Currently, Newcastle are 9/4 in the Premier League betting to be relegated so, even if the supercomputer says the Toon are doomed, the bookies don’t quite share those same sentiments.

With Benitez, hope will always spring eternal and, for all of Newcastle’s struggles so far, they haven’t looked like a team out of their depth. They’ve been slightly unfortunate at times and how different things could have been had Spurs not edged them out  2-1 in the first game of the season.

Regardless of what the super computer at talkSPORT says, predicting who will be relegated at this stage of the season is one of the more foolish pastimes you can get up to. Crystal Palace lost their opening seven games last season and ended up finishing 11th, only ten points behind a Europa League spot.

As it stands, a mere two wins would take Newcastle to 12th and, with 30 games left of the season, they could still mathematically win the title. You could probably say without any fear of being corrected down the line that that won’t happen but relegation with Benitez at the helm doesn’t seem likely either. It will be a season of the utmost mediocrity and frustration but, in the end, the Toon should survive.

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